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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  December 8, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. >> what donald trump said yesterday disqualifies him from serving as president. >> the #trumpisdisqualifiedparty has been tweeted 90,000 times already along with plenty of memes. political leaders who stay out of the fray are going on record tonight. steve handelsman live on capitol hill with that part of the story. >> reporter: you have to have a jolting proposal to spark bipartisan condemnation in our town but today the speaker of the house and secretary of homeland security, a republican and democrat who normally stay clear of the rough and tumble race for the white house weighed in on this both agreeing donald trump could be hurting the u.s. war on terror. even though he's got some support. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: the republican front-runner won applause last night for a ban on muslims entering the u.s. and he made clear he does not trust even american muslims. on the phone today to msnbc.
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>> i would want to engage the muslim community but the muslim community has to help us, they're not helping us. the muslim community is not reporting what's going on. >> reporter: the trump proposal -- >> a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. >> reporter: -- has passionate packing from some voters. >> who's cutting off people's heads? who's bombing buildings? who's bombing airplanes? not the christians. not the jewish. it's not the buddhist. it's the muslims. you got that on camera, sport? >> reporter: others are appalled. >> that's like a blanket policy, probably very discriminatory. >> gross and short-sighted. >> reporter: homeland security secretary jeh johnson said the trump plan is irresponsible. >> and will actually hurt our efforts at homeland security and national security. >> reporter: setting back his efforts, said johnson, to get help from u.s. muslims. republican house speaker paul ryan condemned trump. >> some of our best and biggest allies in this struggle and
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fight against radical islamic terror are muslims. the vast, vast, vast, vast majority of whom are peaceful. >> reporter: but in a nation feeling fear, looking for answers, donald trump has the opposite message. a republican strategist today speaking for many in the gop said donald trump now is pushing the envelope so hard he's sure to break through and fall out of this race. even though there's no sign of that now. i'm steve handelsman, news 4. >> thanks, steve. trump's comments also the focus of our flash survey. we asked if his controversial proposal to ban muslims would cost him potential voters. more than 50% of people who responded said yes. late this afternoon the house overwhelmingly passed a bill to tighten parts of the visa waiver program. right now, that program allows citizens of 38 nations to travel to the u.s. without getting a visa. the new bill disqualifies travelers who have recently visited countries that have
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significant terrorist activity. it is important to note the bill does not necessarily stop those travelers from entering the u.s. it requires them to apply for a visa and undergo more rigorous checks. tonight we're also learning more about the days leading up to the san bernardino shooting. investigators are tracing a money trail as some question whether the suspects had help. nbc news confirms more than $28,000 showed up in syed farook's bank account before the attack. officials also want to know more about the people seen going into the couple's garage where bombs were being built. all this comes amid new reaction from people who saw the suspects practice shooting at a firing range. nbc's jay gray is in san bernardino with the latest. jay? >> reporter: hey there. the inland regional center here still locked down right now. police and federal agents continue their search inside looking for evidence after 14 people were killed, 21 wounded in this building behind me. and it's clear now almost a week
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after that attack the investigation is expanding. witnesses say syed farook and his wife tashfeen malik spent hours shooting at los angeles-area gun ranges days before the attack. we now know more than $28,000 was recently deposited in the couple's bank account. investigators want to know where it came from and why. >> and we want to find out everyone who participated in the preplanning, if there was anyone else. we don't know everything yet. >> reporter: he's not considered a suspect still, agents continue to question enrique marquez, a former neighbor they say agreed to purchase two assault rifles for farook. weapons used in the attack. and investigators are interested in a number of people seen entering the couple's garage in the months prior to the attack. they also hope to learn more from farook's mother. >> i'm not sure if we're done questioning her yet. >> reporter: their questions likely center around the house she shared with the couple, a house officers have described as an arsenal and bomb factory.
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you know, the investigation continues but the city also trying to work through the tragedy here and we've learned today important i think to point out after the tenner of this day that the muslim community here has donated more than $75,000 to support victims of the attack. that's the latest live here in san bernardino, jay gray, jim, back to you. >> thanks, jay. people at a firing range in california describe syed farook as a normal guy. nbc news has learned farook was at the magnum range in riverside, california, just a few days before the attack. that range has already turned over surveillance footage to the fbi. >> you don't think that's brazen, that it's absolutely brazen to come in and practice to commit such a heinous crime? how are you able to determine what somebody's intents are after they visit your place of business? it's impossible.
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>> we're told farook took his own firearms to the range and he was there for several hours. we're hearing tonight from the heartbroken parents of a young woman killed over the weekend in virginia. and she's not the only young woman not to make it home from spotsylvania county. heather ciccone was found dead late sunday night in a car parked outside a home on piney branch road. meagan fitzgerald is live in spotsylvania county with the emotional words from her parents. meagan? >> reporter: yeah, you know, investigators tell us that leads have been pouring in since yesterday that they've been following up on. they've conducted a lot of interviews, we're told, but they say that it's the crime scene here that's key in this investigation. as you mentioned, we had an opportunity to speak to this girl's parents. they say they're hoping that the work investigators are doing now will help bring an arrest about soon. >> she was a selfie queen. she loved taking them. >> reporter: a collage of
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memories is what stacey and december this are left with after their 21-year-old daughter was murdered. >> she was the sun shashine of everyone's life. >> reporter: she left sunday night to help a friend. she told her mom she would be back. hours later deputies showed up instead. >> right now it hasn't really sunk in. it has, but it hasn't. >> reporter: investigators said they found heather in the driver's seat of her car parked in this driveway on piney branch road. sheriff pierce says the 21 qu d 21-year-old was shot in the upper body and died on scene. >> we got lots of tips and several leads wie are following >> reporter: investigators are looking into three possible scenarios to help them understand why this is happening and focusing on the people heather knew. >> we have a team doing nothing but checking into her personal life. >> reporter: her family is hoping that investigators will make an arrest soon so that heather will have justice.
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>> one way or the other, going to catch them. might not be tomorrow. might not be the next day. >> reporter: now, spotsylvania county deputies are asking anyone with information about this case to contact their department right away. >> thank you, meagan. the other mystery in spotsylvania county tonight involves a 19-year-old woman who is missing. katelin akens disappeared saturday after her parents dropped her off at the franconia springfield metro to catch a flight from reagan national. she never made it home to arizona where she lives. her luggage ended up in a drainage ditch near fredericksburg. missing, some clothes, money, and her cell phone. katelin's mother is worried. >> it's morhorrible. you don't know. you don't know what's going to happen or what they're going to find. hopefully she's safe. >> the family says katelin was excited about returning to arizona where she was about to attend beauty school. new developments in a
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high-profile case tonight. prosecutors say a baltimore police officer failed in his duty to ensure the safety of freddie gray. they made that argument before resting their case against officer william porter today. the final witness testified that gray's safety was a shared responsibility and that officer porter should have called for medical help. the defense asks that the charges be dropped. a judge denied that move. coming up in our next half hour, our chris gordon will join us with a look at the strategy of the defense and he'll deal with the question of whether officer porter might take the stand. bernie sanders took his presidential campaign to the heart of a baltimore neighborhood that witnessed a riots that followed the death of freddie gray. sanders called the level of poverty reminiscent of, in his words, a third-world country. he says our nation needs to invest in neighborhoods like that one. >> we need fundamental changes
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in our national priorities. we do not need to give more tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires. we need to start investing in communities all over this country today that are hurting. that are often forgotten about. >> sanders also participated in a roundtable discussion at a new youth center named after freddie gray. more police officers are patrolling catholic university tonight even though they gave the all-clear after a campus scare. the school was placed on lockdown last night after an employee said a man with a gun approached him and asked where the administration building was. police evacuated two buildings and searched the campus but didn't find anything suspicious. the lockdown was lifted at 3:00 this morning. no classes were scheduled today because it is a holy day. it appears congress will avoid a government shutdown at least for a few more days. house speaker paul ryan says the house will pass a short-term funding bill in order to avoid a
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shutdown on friday. lawmakers will then continue to negotiate a long-term plan which would fund the government through next september. republicans and democrats are haggling over policy changes attached to the bill including a republican proposal to tighten screening for syrian refugees. fielding controversy. why nats manager dusty baker is under fire over comments he made about domestic violence. hi, i'm pat collins. coming up, i'll show you how this bottle of water and this little package of oreo cookies could help the fbi track down an armed robber. don't touch anything. this could be evidence. also, potential new rules targeting drunk and distracted drivers. we saw a warm day today but it gets even warmer. the next couple of days, temperatures go soaring. could even approach some records. i got that forecast for you coming up in just a few minut
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eight robberies in three weeks stretching from richmond, virginia, to the district. police say the man seen in this video is responsible for them all. pat collins joins us now. he's at the scene of one of those robberies on connecticut avenue. pat, we hear the guy may have left something in which the fbi is interested, huh?
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>> reporter: well, jim, this guy is something. you know, he may be a horseplayer, he may have a sweet tooth, and those clues may help the fbi track him down. he took the money, but he left behind this bottle of water and this package of oreo cookies which explains the fingerprint dust spread all around them. possible evidence. possible clues in the hunt for this serial robber. he likes to target gas stations. in less than a month, he's hit eight including this exxon on lee highway in fairfax and this shell on lee highway in arlington, and this exxon on connecticut avenue in d.c. we have security video of that one. watch as he buys a bottle of water then comes back to buy a pack of oreos.
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and as the clerk opens the register, he pulls a gun, grabs the tray of money, and stuffs the cash down his pants and then makes his getaway. he is the station owner. what do you make of this guy? >> bold. very aggressive. and he wait around in the store enough and so long to find the right moment to steal from us and from employees. >> reporter: the robber also wears a souvenir cap from the jim mckay million dollar horse race at laurel. that could turn out to be a clue here as well. now the fbi is on this. they posted a $5,000 reward in this case. back to you. >> pat collins, thank you, pat. another video of a man who died in police custody in chicago has been released. it comes as federal officials
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launch a probe into the department's tactics. police arrested phillip coleman three years ago for allegedly beating his mother. this surveillance video here shows six officers walk into his jail cell. chicago police say coleman became combative and one of the officers had to use a stungun. he was transferred to a hospital where officials say he died from a fatal reaction to an antipsychotic drug. but the autopsy showed he also had dozens of bruises on his body. coleman's family is demanding an independent investigation. i'm jason pugh at the live desk where reaction is continuing to pour in on social media after controversial comments from nationals manager dusty baker related to one of his former players. now, that player is involved in a domestic violence case. >> who's to say the allegations are are true, number one? i got a buddy at home that's being abused by his wife.
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you know, so i think this policy needs to go further than the player. i think the policy should go to, you know, whoever's involved. sometime abusers, you know, don't always have pants on. >> today's comments surrounding baker's former player aroldis chapman accused of choking his girlfriend and firing a weapon eight times in his garage after an argument. baker later tried to clarify comments on mlb network radio saying, quote, there's no way i would ever condone domestic violence, with chapman i know, i'm hoping he's innocent. from the live desk, i'm jason pugh. people who drive drunk in the district may start paying a much higher price for it. a possible new law would require ignition locks for first-time offe offenders. and as tom sherwood reports now, there may be even tighter
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restrictions on drivers who use cell phones behind the wheel. >> reporter: drunk driving, an arrest in d.c. occurs about every six hours. but the city lags far behind in imposing ignition locks. >> there's been up to a 90%, 50% to 90% drop in dui recidivism while people have this on their car. >> reporter: any drunk driver should have one, but right now 14,000 maryland drivers have ignition locks, 8,000 virginia drivers, but only 9, just 9 district drivers have the device. >> in a city where alcohol-impaired traffic fatalities still comprise today, still comprise over a third of all traffic deaths, the district of columbia is in district need of a drunk driving countermeasure. >> reporter: tougher drunk driving measures are part of a massive transportation bill affecting vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists. one would ban any handheld use of cell phones by drivers including while stopped at red
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lights which is now permitted. >> we know that distracted driving is pernicious in the city and it is a persistent problem. >> reporter: there also would be enhanced penalties for not yielding to emergency vehicles. the aaa's john townsend told nbc 4 the whole scope of proposed law changes will require major reeducation for the public. >> it's going to be a major paradigm shift in the district of columbia. it makes all highway users equal partners where you are walking or cycling, or driving. >> reporter: the various proposals are expected to come up for a vote next year. in the district, tom sherwood, news 4. still ahead at 6:00, allegations that customers were sexually assaulted at one of the area's most well-known spas. we'll report on a new approach to help newborns who are born withdrawing from drugs. we'll look at the high-tech changes coming to the way vehicles are tested
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and now your storm team 4 forecast. >> it has been on the warm side for sure. some of you out there going i'm loving this warmer weather. others going, bring on the cold and the snow. well, i'm right there with you. both ways. i like the warmer weather. yeah, i would love to get some snow in here. there's no chance of that any time soon. not with numbers like this. current temperatures at 50 degrees. winds out of the east at about 6 miles per hour. under partly cloudy skies right now. a very nice night. temperatures all around the region, 50 manassas. 36 in cambridge. those are the coolest spots where we have the clear sky, some clouds around the rest of the area. it will be a mild night tonight. yeah, we're going to start off cool. 45 degrees between 5:00 and 8:00. that's in the city. inside the beltway for your commuter forecast tomorrow. but cool is a relative term this time of year because we should be down into the low to mid 30s in the city by that time. that's not going to be the case. 55 tomorrow between 4:00 and
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7:00. both commutes look good. i do think we'll see more cloud cover during the morning commute. no rain to talk about. that means we're going to see dry roadways. at least that's good news. not much in the way of storm systems out there. see one storm system actually came through today. didn't bring us any rain. brought us a few clouds. that was about it. the next one back to the west, it, too, will bring us nothing but cloud cover. we'll see that cloud cover during the day tomorrow into the day on thursday. the jet stream pattern here, the way that the jet stream works, it's bringing down much colder air back to the western far of the country and bringing in very warm air toward our region. right on through the weekend. we're not just talking about warm temperatures. we're talking about near record high temperatures coming up this weekend. very, very warm. as we make our way into the mid to upper 60s. now tomorrow, we're in the mid to upper 50s. 54 degrees in leesburg. 57 in d.c. 58 down toward fredericksburg. a little cooler back to the west. you may see more sunshine west of the blue ridge here. so we may see a lot of cloud cover along the i-95 corridor. that's something to note. we will see a lot more clouds
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tomorrow than we saw today. so that biking forecast, sun rise at 7:15, sunset 4:46. 43 degrees with clouds. 54 by noon. 56 degrees by 4:00 in the afternoon. it will be nice and mild for this time of year for sure. with the cloud cover, it will feel kind of cool. and then we really get warm. 62, more clouds on thursday. and then sunshine coming up on friday and on saturday. high temperature on saturday, 67 degrees. sunday, maybe even a little bit warmer and then talking about our next chance for rain. that's in the seven-day forecast. i'll have that for you at 6:45. >> thanks, doug. growing backlash against donald trump. we'll report how travelers at dulles airport are reacting to trump's proposal to stop muslims from coming into the u.s. the prosecution rests. see who will take the stand for the defense as the first officer goes on trial for the death of freddie gray.
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the international outrage is growing. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims endering the united states. >> reporter: the question is has he gone too far? we'll have both sides of a heated debate. the prosecution has rested its case in the freddie gray trial. we'll report who will testify for the defense and why the officer may need to take the stand. i'm julie carey in winchester, virginia, where the tiniest victims of the heroin and opioid epidemic are getting
6:30 pm
special treatment at this hospital. coming up, a look at the alarming trend and the action being taken by this entire community. police are looking for more victims after a masseur was arrested for molesting women at a prominent local spa. first at 6:30 tonight the controversy in full bloom over republican presidential candidate donald trump's plan to ban muslims from the u.s. >> as politicians on both sides of the aisle spoke out against it, trump went on msnbc's "morning joe." he said the ban would be temporary but wouldn't elaborate on when it should end. >> well, it's not unconstitutional keeping people out, frankly, and until we get ahold of what's going on, joe. we are at war with radical islam. we are at war -- >> i agree with that. >> -- whether we like it or not. i would want to engage the muslim community but the muslim community has to help us, they're not helping us. the muslim community is not reporting what's going on. they should be reporting that
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their next door neighbor is making pipe bombs and they got them all over the place. the mother's in the apartment. other people. his friend was buying him rifles. nobody was reporting that. the muslim community has to help us because without the muslim community, we would have to get very tough and much tougher and i don't want to do that. >> so the question is how would the plan work? frump says customs agents would simply ask travelers coming into the u.s. if they're muslim. from the white house to the arrival section at dulles international airport. everyone seems to have an opinion on trump's comments. here's news 4's mark segraves. >> reporter: on the campaign trail republican front-runner donald trump said it's time to ban muslims from entering the united states. the idea was blasted by republican and democratic presidential candidates. speaking to andrea mitchell on msnbc, the secretary of homeland serity said it may not even be legal to ban an entire religion from the u.s.
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>> when a leading candidate for office proposes something that is irresponsible, probably illegal, unconstitutional and contrary to international law, un-american, and will actually hurt our efforts at homeland security and national security, we have to speak out. >> reporter: a spokesperson for customs and border patrol tells news 4 the agency continues to conduct thorough screening of arriving international travelers, but adds that they do not ask visitors about their religious affiliations. at the international arrivals gate at dulles, most of those we spoke with oppose the idea of banning people based on their religion. >> i'm here to attend one of my kids' graduation. she's going to be graduating with her bachelor's degree. so i consider u.s. to be my second home. i don't think it's a good idea. >> i think that's un-american for someone to come and say for me that i'm not american because i am a muslim it just simply not acceptable. >> i would say i'm all for that.
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so what -- i listen to cnn and all they can talk about is how awful it was that trump was trying to keep our country secure. we're at war. >> reporter: at dulles airport, mark se swgraves, news 4. while many republicans are condemning trump's comments about muslims, some still want to stop syrian refugees from endering tend eri entering the country. today virginia senator tim kaine and two other senators met with leaders from different faiths at the capitol. kaine called the debate a test for the country. he says singling out a religion goes against fundamental american values. >> the efforts to demonize syrian and iraqi refugees and to bar them from sbans entrance to country are against our best traditions. there's legitimate security concerns that we have to grapple with and i think we are moving to a better place in trying to be precise about them. >> senator kaine says he does support strengthening the
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screening process for people who come to the u.s. on a visa. the house voted on a measure to that late today. the senate is still working on a similar proposal. breaking news right now alexandria. we learned the young man found dead in a park on friday tied from stab wounds much like those that killed another man a few weeks earlier. eduardo was found in four mile run park. his death has been ruled a homicide. less than a month earlier a 24-year-old man was found dead in another park about a mile away. no arrests have been made in either case. the defense could begin presenting its case as early as tomorrow as the first baltimore police officer goes on trial in the death of freddie gray. chris gordon has been covering this case from the start. he joins us live from baltimore with the chances that officer porter will take the stand. chris? >> reporter: well, it is highly likely that the officer will be testifying here in court in his own defense, and we know that
6:35 pm
because turg opduring opening statements his lawyers told the juries don't be surprised if you see him on the witness stand. now it's time for the defense to present its case. its witnesses could include the defendant, baltimore police officer william porter. porter did not arrest gray or drive the police van in which freddie gray suffered fatal spinal injuries, but porter was called in as a backup and is charged with manslaughter and assault for failing to strap gray in a seat belt or call a medic. >> i think the jury will find reasons to connect with officer porter's dilemma, but he still must answer the very hard questions that the prosecution will ask him on cross-examination. >> reporter: some baltimore residents are attending the trial tadaily. >> it's going to be interesting to see what the defense decides to do tomorrow. at this point i don't think the state has reached a burden of proof to prove their case. >> reporter: today the prosecution rested its case after four full days of testimony ending with crime lab
6:36 pm
technicians identifying freddie gray's blood on the seat belt, bench, and wall of the police transport van. the final prosecution witness dr. michael limon an expert in police practices testified officer porter shares responsibility for not putting freddie gray in a seat belt and failing to get him medical help when gray asked for it. >> i would find him guilty. the evidence shows that he didn't do his job. protocol. they should have given the man medical attention immediately. >> reporter: well, it is uncertain if and when officer porter will be taking the witness stand here at the trial. we will be updating developments throughout the day on news 4 on our nbc washington app and we will be posting on social media as well. that's the latest live in baltimore, jim, back to you. >> thanks, chris. a local massage therapist is facing sexual assault charges tonight. investigators believe there may be more victims.
6:37 pm
his name is gavin otto. he worked at the red door spa in gaithersburg. a customer says he sexually assaulted her during a massage back in july. last month another woman told police he touched her inappropriately. otto is facing two sex offend charges and police are looking for other victims. you've seen the crash tests and maybe even bought a car based on the results. but now some high-tech changes are coming to this industry standard. helping the youngest and most vulnerable victims of drug abuse. what a local hospital is doing to treat babies born from addiction.
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
you've seen the videos and maybe you've relied on the ratings that come from these crash tests. tonight, the government says the tests need an upgrade. the u.s. department of transportation says it plans to make it harder for car companies to get that coveted five-star rating. among the changes, a new test to
6:40 pm
see how well cars do in an angle frontal crash. and for the first time there will be a rating for how well a car can avoid a collision. crash test dummies are also getting smarter. more sensors will be able to better gauge the type and severity of injuries in a crash. the legacy of a child who died in an accident will live on thanks to his parents and the generosity of their community. 11-year-old colby smith died back in october when he crashed his dirt bike. to honor his memory, his family wanted to collect donations for 25 bicycles for kids who didn't have one. but the contributions from businesses and fund-raisers by colby's classmates brought in enough money for 50 bicycles. >> my son was a very giving child. he always was trying to give back to the community, give his toys and bikes away. so we started this foundation in order to give back to the community and continue his legacy.
6:41 pm
>> the first set of bicycles were given out this afternoon at an elementary school. the family is planning another fund-raiser for bikes leading up to colby's birthday next may. the new student center at the university of the district of columbia is almost done. it's a $63 million building on connecticut avenue. it is expected to open to students on january 20th. a student center is a model for environmentally-friendly design. the district is considering now whether to name the building after the late former mayor, marion barry. more people are getting sick following the e. coli outbreak at chipotle restaurants but the chain says there may be something else to blame. the innocent victims of a drug epidemic, we'll tell you about a new community campaign helping treat babies exposed to heroin and other opiates in the womb. >> we're trying to help connect
6:42 pm
with the moms as early in pr
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
a northern virginia community is coming together tonight to watch a powerful documentary about the heroin epidemic in thecommonwealth, but winchester residents may be shocked to learn some of the victims are newborns.
6:45 pm
bureau chief jewelry carey started hearing about this concern last year only on 4, she traveled to winchester to see how they're attacking this issue. >> reporter: as vice president of valley health, dr. nick joins a patient safety call every day. two years ago, when the heroin and opioid epidemic kicked into high gear, he was startled to tiny victims in the hospital. >> particularly striking was the impact on the newborn population. >> reporter: swaud swaddled in this blanket an infant girl being treated, it occurs when babies are exposed to heroin and other opioids in the bum. at birth they experience withdrawal. >> babies are very -- they're very difficult to console. they spend a lot of time and energy crying. >> reporter: feeding is also difficult. unless treated the babies may fail to thrive. in the past two years,
6:46 pm
winchester medical center steadily ramped up its approach to helping the babies, do a toxicology screen on all moms who come to deliver. the most dramatic change came last month. every baby showing withdrawal symptoms now goes straight to the neonatal intensive care unit. there, dark peaceful private rooms help with the treatment. so do the cuddlers. a volunteer corps created to give the babies comforting they desperately need. >> a position that makes them comfortable and this baby here enjoys snuggling on the shoulder. >> reporter: the treatment doesn't stop with the babies. valley health helps fund a social worker from the community services board. she works with obstetricians and at the hospital to try to steer moms into treatment or keep those already in recovery on that path. >> we're trying to help connect with the moms as early in pregnancy as possible. >> reporter: the alarms were first sounded several years ago by the winchester police chief. now a community summit is leading to creation of a drug treatment court and hope some
6:47 pm
day to have a comprehensive recovery center. >> we're very positive relief is going to get a handle on it. >> reporter: now already the hospital's approach is having results. hospital stays for the babies being treated for withdrawal, they've recently been cut in half. and if you'd like to watch the attorney general's entire documentary, you can go to our nbc washington app and search heroin. >> those babies need so help so badly right away. >> a lot of people signs up to cuddle with them, i'll tell you that. >> that's good to know. thanks, julie. the number of students at boston college who got sick after eating at a chipotle near campus is now up to 80. chipotle officials say they believe it's neurovirus to blame for the outbreak. they say they do not believe the outbreak is linked to the e. coli infections that closed restaurants in oregon and washington state back in october. the boston college students who got sick have been tested for neurovirus and e. coli. it will be another day or two
6:48 pm
before those test results are concerned. easing congestion on the american legion bridge. officials are are studying the possibility of building a new crossing. governor terry mcauliffe tells news 4 he recently ordered the study. 3 00,000 vehicles drive over the legion bridge over day making it the biggest potomac river crossing in our area. mcauliffe says it's about more than making your commute an easier one. >> it something were to happen to that bridge, it's already -- it's not in great shape. it's been around a long time. if something were to happen and we were to stop ingress and egress between maryland and virginia, what a choke point that would be for economic development. >> in the past, maryland state officials have not supported the idea of building a new bridge over the potomac but they say they are open to ideas on how to improve existing ones. this is a storm team 4 weather update. >> yes, it is. >> that guy keeps interrupting me. because i was about to say what an absolutely delicious,
6:49 pm
delightful day it has been and from what i'm hearing from you, more to come. >> you get credit. >> well, of course i do but it depends on which side of the fence you're on. i work with you every night. >> that's right. >> i don't even watch you on tv. i'm asleep. i have to be honest with you. which side of the fence are you on? you want it to be colder, ready for some snow? >> i'm a warm weather girl. warm weather girl. >> warmer the better. >> all right. >> it's going to get cold eventually. i'll take every warm day i can get. every one. >> not getting cold until february. let's take a look show you what's lhappening outside. 60% of you on my facebook page saying i want some cold air, i'd love some snow. of course we'd all love snow for the holidays. out there right now nice weather. continuing. 50 degrees currently. 48 degrees by 7:00. temperatures will not drop all that much. down to about 44 by 11:00. a very mild night tonight. 45 leesburg. 45 gaithersburg. a balmy 56, the warmest place on the map currently.
6:50 pm
you're welcome. storm team 4 radar showing clear skies and, again, no chance of rain. not only no chance of rain but we don't see much of a chance of rain all the way through the rest of the week. look at the radar here. the only chance up toward minneapolis. minneapolis is seeing rain in december. that doesn't seem right either. very warm, very warm first week for minneapolis as a matter of fact. very warm first week for the entire eastern half of the nation. hour by hour tomorrow, 43 at 7:00 a.m. up to 55 by 4:00. we will see a lot more cloud cover during the day tomorrow. that's the only thing to think about. more clouds as well on thursday. and here you go, guys. 64 on friday. 67 on saturday and sunday. even near a record on sunday. and monday we got a chance of some rain, maybe some thunderstorms late in the afternoon. like i said, there you go. >> thanks, doug. we appreciate that. >> i like that warm weather. >> yeah. i like it, but you know i like some snow, too. we're going to ask jason what he likes. i don't know -- i already know his. desean jackson, can i offer the
6:51 pm
suggestion that there's no controversy here? we'll talk about it.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
this is the xfinity sports desk. brought to you by xfinity. your home for the most live sports. >> call jason. or text him. let him know that desean jackson's fumble -- >> don't call me. >> -- is not the reason that
6:54 pm
they lost that game. and that's all we got to say about that. actually, it's not. here's the final word. does desean try to do too much? yes. is it his fault that we lost a game? no. >> not his fault. >> no way. there's 60 minutes of a game. which was boring as it could possibly be. >> it was a terrible game. >> until the last two minutes. and then it got exciting and you can't blame one player for losing a game. you can't do that. >> i just did. >> i tend to agree. >> if you agree with him -- >> i do agree with him. >> if he gets down, i am confident that kirk cousins marches down the field and sets up a potential game-winning field goal. >> then if the special teams don't let that boy run back, their half of the field, then -- >> you can blame the whole team. of course you can. that one, that fumble set it up for everyone. they did get the touchdown right
6:55 pm
afterwards. >> you cannot blame -- >> you went to the game. who are you blaming? >> it was the entire team. i'm telli ining you. >> the entire team. >> played so poorly at home against the cowboys. missing their quarterback. i can't. >> desean jackson is on the team. >> here's the thing. the redskins had the chance to take control of this division last night along with their playoff destiny and at the same time bury a division foe in dallas. instead that chance was fumbled away. the skins' five-game home winning streak came to a corrupting end. the cowboys p s pulled off the upset. plenty of blame to go around for the loss. start with the kicker first and foremost, hopkins. he missed the 43 yarder in the fourth quarter last night. it was costly and would have given the redskins a six-point lead. then there's this play. desean jackson returning the punt. >> i can't watch it anymore. >> he caught the football. >> right. >> a golden opportunity there for dallas. they scored a touchdown just a few plays later. then another special teams
6:56 pm
mistake belonged to hopkins not picking the ball out of the end zone. lucky whiteheads set up the game-winning drive with the 46-yard return. tough loss for the skins. this team was quick to own up to their mistakes. >> had i made that kick, the whole game i think would have played out differently. and i realize that's football. you know, i've been on the good side of that. i've been on the bad side of that obviously right now. i believe in taking ownership for what happened. i didn't make the kick i should have made. that's what i'm paid to do. >> feel terrible right now. like i told my teammates, i kind of take that, you know, my part, my behalf. you know, a lot of these guys here, they have my backing. you know, they said it's a team effort, team game, you know, not going to set that off on yourself. tough, tough loss, but, you'll, we'll do the best we can, myself as well to get back and try to figure out a way to pull out this division. last night all his teammates did have his back. they said it was a team sport, he's not the reason why they lost the game and he's
6:57 pm
absolutely right, but let's face it if he makes a play there or just gets down the redskins are in much better position as opposed to giving the cowboys the football. >> if they made a bunch of other plays before it got to that point, it wouldn't have mattered that much. we can't blame a game on one player. >> the division still in reach despite the loss last night. let's move on to baseball -- >> i want to stay with -- >> we got to move on. we told you earlier about nationals manager dusty baker's controversial comments where he questioned the allegations against a former player involved in a domestic violence case. baker also asked about closer jonathan papelbon today. whether he'll be back with his team especially after that dugout scuffle with bryce harper. so, will papelbon be a member of the 2016 nationals? >> how am i going to foresee a distraction in advance? you know, i got to wait until i get there first. i don't even know papelbon. you know? and i mean, right now papelbon's my closer.
6:58 pm
>> papelbon's his closer. we'll see if that's the case. in a new weeks. >> it will not behe case. >> you think so? >> no. >> i hope he stays and doesn't miss a strike out news reporters: it's a fish, but it's been changed. genetically altered by scientists. critics call the process creepy, and label it frankenfish. narrator: genetically engineered salmon was just approved by the fda - no labels required. disturbing, right? get this. if your state wants to label gmos, congress is trying a year-end sneak attack to block your right to label. call congress. demand clear labels, not high tech gimmicks. don't let them overturn state gmo labeling. protect our right to know.
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
tonight, tonight, donald trump's muslim ban backlash. the republican front-runner doubling down amid widespread condemnation, defiant as rivals label his plan racist and unconstitutional. is he feeding into exactly what isis wants while rallying his supporters who say he's right? tonight, tom brokaw on the politics of fear and the harsh lessons of history. plus, the money trail mystery before the massacre in san bernardino. thousands of dollars suddenly deposited in the killers' account. also tonight, the alarming rise in distracted drivers beyond texting. what so many say they are doing behind the wheel. the consequences proving to be deadly. "nightly news" begins right now.


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